Privacy Policy


This information and these rules governing usage apply exclusively to the website and other websites that refer to it (hereafter referred to jointly as the “portal”). The said sites are managed by the legal or natural person indicated in the legal notice (hereafter referred to as the “operator”). This Policy shall be expressly without prejudice to the special provisions applicable to the individual portal and other websites of legal persons from the Migros Community. The information and rules governing usage of this portal may be altered at any time. Changes shall be binding.


Unless specified otherwise, the operator is the portal owner. All trademarks, names, titles, logos, designs, text, all images and other materials are owned by us, a legal entity from the Migros Community or a contractual partner of the latter. No rights shall be acquired from the consultation, downloading or copying of this page (rights of usage, rights over intellectual property etc.). Any reproduction (full or partial), transmission (electronic or otherwise), modification, connection or usage of the portal for public or commercial purposes shall only be possible with prior written approval.


The operator refuses all liability (including on the grounds of negligence) resulting from access to or the inability to access or use the portal or any component thereof on the website. Access to the portal, its usage and the storage or archival of data transmitted are not guaranteed. The portal contains references that link to third party websites. These websites are not operated or monitored by the operator, which therefore refuses all liability for their content and for compliance with data protection law by their operators.


The internet is an open network accessible to all, and is not therefore in principle regarded as a secure environment. Although in principle individual data packets may be transmitted in encrypted form, the sender and the recipient cannot be concealed. In addition, even if the sender and the recipient are situated in Switzerland, it is possible that the data may transit through a foreign country in which the level of data protection is lower than that in Switzerland. The operator thus refuses all liability or warranty in relation to data security during transmission over the internet.


The newsletter will only be sent to clients at their express request. Subscriptions to the newsletter may be canceled at any time. The newsletter explains how to cancel subscriptions.


Access to the portal will result in the registration of various data (e.g. IP address, the date and time of access, the name of the document viewed, etc.).

No personal analysis will be carried out. Data will be analyzed anonymously for statistical purposes, for example in order to establish the number of visits per day.

The data collected will be processed in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed outside the Migros Community or made accessible to third parties except under the circumstances specified under applicable legislation and in particular if so requested by the competent investigating authorities.

The foregoing shall not prevent the data from being used more extensively under the terms of the operator’s privacy notice (available for download here), provided that the client expressly accepts such usage by a separate declaration.

Internal and third party services, in particular Google Analytics and the Facebook “Like” button

This website uses the services of the Migros Community in addition to third party services (hereafter referred to jointly as the “services”), including in particular Google Analytics, the website analysis service of Google Inc. (“Google”), and Facebook’s “Like” button (hereafter referred to as “operators”). These services collect information and may use in particular so-called temporary or persistent “cookies”, that is files (e.g. HTML cookies or Flash cookies) that are saved on the user’s computer (in some cases even after the browser session has been ended), may be recalled on the occasion of subsequent visits and enable website usage and browsing behavior to be analyzed.

The information thereby generated by cookies regarding the user’s usage of this website (including browsing behavior and IP address) may be transmitted to our servers or to the servers of these operators in Switzerland or abroad, stored and processed on these servers and, depending upon the circumstances, may also be associated with the user. The Migros Community and the operators may use this information for marketing purposes, including in particular to analyze the user’s usage of the website, to create site activity reports for the Migros Community and to provide additional services associated with the usage of the website (e.g. in order to view personalized advertising based on the user’s interests). If necessary, this information may also be transmitted to other third parties in Switzerland and abroad. It is possible that foreign legislation may not guarantee adequate data protection.

Depending upon the browser used and the software installed, there is only limited scope to limit or prevent such data processing (including in particular the installation of cookies). For information on how to manage data protection and storage settings, users are invited to refer to the website of their own browser software and, in some cases, to the producer’s website (e.g. for Flash cookies please visit the Adobe Systems website).

In using this website the user accepts that any personal data that is collected in the manner described may be processed for the said purposes.



The safe storage of personal data is guaranteed (e.g. regarding subscription to the newsletter).


The operator undertakes to ensure that product labels (ingredients, nutritional information, allergy warnings, country of production etc.) and any price indications contained in the portal are kept up to date, but cannot guarantee that such information is up to date at all times. In particular, in the event that any alterations are made to the product, if the supplier is changed or if any similar modifications occur, it is possible that retail outlets / online shops may offer different variants of the same product at the same time (e.g. different country of production, manufacturer or formula). Due to feasibility requirements, the operator will offer only one of these variants on the portal. Thus, clients are invited in all cases to consult the label affixed to the product that is actually purchased, or respectively to the packaging and any enclosures. This information will take priority under all circumstances over that provided on the portal or other websites.

Unless specified otherwise, all prices are net prices, including VAT and are stated in Swiss francs (CHF).