3rd June - Food Truck

3rd June - Food Truck

Street food is more than just a trend, it's a whole new way of experiencing food. It has conquered city streets and village greens, and now we are delighted to welcome it to Camping Monte Generoso for a one-off event, bringing you new experiences, surprises, fun and most importantly flavour. Get ready to enjoy the wide range of culinary offerings from the various food trucks:

Officina Street Food: miniburgers, lobster rolls, desserts in a barrel.

Kumain Philippines BBQ: pork skewers and Filipino marinade, spring rolls, vegetarian soya noodles, rice with Colombian chicken, chips.

Sicilianfood: arancini and cannoli.

Plenzick Cooppo Street Food: a variety of products from southern Italy; arancini, olive ascolane, aubergine bites, fried pizzas, fried panzerotti and more.

Passion Food: kebabs, falafel, chicken box, chips, chicken sandwich, hot dog.

Ottostar: black angus burger with Valle di Muggio cheese, ciabatta with Mendrisio luganighetta, fries, hot dog, veggie sandwich with fried aubergines and cheese.

From 11:30 am to 08.00 pm.

Special day; neither the grill à la carte nor the pizzas will be in operation.