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    Camping Monte Generoso

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    Your favourite destination
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The Monte Generoso Campsite

On the shores of Lake Lugano, in green surroundings it is a point of departure for many excursions.
The Monte Generoso Camping Ground is within a 20,000 m² natural park, by Lake of Lugano (270 m above sea level), in the town of Melano. It is situated barely 10 km south of Lugano, just 20 km from Como and a little more than 50 km from Milan, making interesting excursions possible.

The environment, the climate and the Ticino sun all contribute towards guaranteeing a pleasant stay.
Monte Generoso overlooks the campsite and, with its little cog railway, beckons visitors to come and enjoy very pleasant excursions in its natural surroundings. It offers a magnificent view over the Lakes region, the Po Valley and the Alps. Guests at the campsite can take advantage of a 50% reduction on the price of the train ticket.

Life at the Monte Generoso Campsite

In the summer life revolves mainly around the lake, where lots of nautical activities are available in addition to swimming.
There are facilities for hiring pedalos, canoes, boats, not forgetting the chnce to rent a Motorhome.